SweetDiscreet.com Review: Why Didn’t SweetDiscreet.com Make It Into Our “Top Four Cheater Dating Sites” List?



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SweetDiscreet is the least discreet site you'll ever encounter! Don't use this site unless you want to get caught.

In general, we don’t waste our time and yours by rating each site based on the attractiveness of its members. After all, looks are kind of in the eye of the beholder-some guys like thick girls, some guys like them tiny, some like them tall, and no one can seem to agree on what a perfect face is. If we could all agree on looks, we could pick either Angelina Jolie or Catherine Zeta-Jones and we wouldn’t need the other.

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So usually, we only judge sites based on how easy they are to use, how good they are to their members, and whether they got us laid. We try not to judge ALL members of the same site, because there are usually hundreds of thousands of women on each site.

Not with SweetDiscreet.com. Holy crap, we’ve NEVER seen so many ugly chicks in our lives. These girls are so ugly, hot actresses will want to play them to win an Oscar. These girls are such dogs, they come running to silent whistles.

So, why does SweetDiscreet.com attract uggos like dog shit attracts flies? Let’s take a look, and….actually, we have no idea why. But we can still tell you about the crappy time we had on this site!

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For ugly girls, the ones on SweetDiscreet.com sure think a lot of themselves. In general, we found that this site was kind of split into two. There were the supermodels, the ones that were OBVIOUSLY fake. They were always contacting us from places like Belgium and South Africa, for some reason, and they were obviously just not real profiles.

The other side of SweetDiscreet.com is shockingly ugly girls who are available on the local level. Good luck explaining to your buddies just how far you lowered your standards!

What We Discovered About Using SweetDiscreet.com For Cheater Dating

Look, we’ll be honest here. If we had lowered our standards to the absolute rock bottom of possibility and emailed every single girl we found on SweetDiscreet.com, we MIGHT have gotten laid. There’s no guarantee, but there are some girls that we won’t email even for you. If this is a girl that makes us literally get soft after looking at her, we’re not going to bite that bullet just for the sake of a SweetDiscreet review.

We DID manage to send out 240 emails to girls on this site. That wasn’t exactly fun, but at least we managed it…eventually. We only got back 11 responses, which is a TINY percentage. Compare it to a site like EroticAffairs.com, where we got back 191 responses to the same amount of emails-and we didn’t have to email anyone with a snaggletooth!

We didn’t wind up setting up a single date with the women on SweetDiscreet.com. We tried! We emailed all of them back (all whopping 11 of them), and told them they were pretty, and tried not to imagine eating dinner with them. It just didn’t work out because the girls on here are totally not here to hook up.

Is SweetDiscreet.com Worth Your Time At All?

Basically, SweetDiscreet.com is the worst site for anyone who wants to recapture the intrigue and magic of the new romance. All you’re going to capture here is the Missing Link. On the bright side, you can probably sell your new date to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!

We DID give it a try. The girls on SweetDiscreet.com just aren’t there to hook up. We’re not really sure why they ARE there, actually. All the responses we got were different. Here are a couple of them:

“Hi, thanks for looking at my profile. I sell jewelry like my necklace. Your wife might like it!”


“what a sweet email. Maybe we can hook up some time. Jk.”

Jk? Do you know what that means, lady?

We Reviewed SweetDiscreet.com: Here’s Our Verdict

This website is a goddamn mess. We tried to meet women on SweetDiscreet.com, but they made it so hard! The ones that aren’t ugly are fakes, and the ones that aren’t fake are…nope, that’s it. The women here are either ugly or fakes. Try out a BETTER site, like EroticAffairs.com, if you want to actually get somewhere with a smoking hot woman.

50 Responses to “SweetDiscreet.com Review: Why Didn’t SweetDiscreet.com Make It Into Our “Top Four Cheater Dating Sites” List?”

  1. if you are actually looking to get laid, steer clear of sweet discreet. it doesn’t matter how many good review sites you might see about it, it’s all a lie. nothing but fake profiles!

  2. even if there are real women on here you won’t find any that actually are CLOSE to getting in your bed. try any other site for comparison and you’ll see what i mean.

  3. this site is a definite and total scam. i don’t think anything could be worse about it but i was wrong. you just won’t get laid here at all

  4. i was looking for a legit site and i think that sweetdiscreet.com probably is? some of the women are real at least but it’s kind of hard to get them to chat

  5. Milford Patton

    i’m not sure that anything about this site is any good. it just rubs me the wrong way and generally makes me want to toss this site out the window

  6. Reindeer Running

    sweet discreet is HONESTLY a bad cheating site. there aren’t any really active profiles on the site and there are a lot of private investigators!

  7. really scary kind of site and one that deserves my lowest rating if i’m being entirely honest. i don’t think any of these women are actually real or active any more!

  8. Donna Seagull

    if you are looking for a website to cheat on, then this one probably will fall flat for you. most of the women are long gone, so take your money elsewhere if you want a real lay

  9. i have used a lot of different websites and affair sites but sweet discreet is still kind of eh for me??? i really was hoping for a better experience but i am not sure i got one

  10. Jordon Beals

    wish that more sites like this would just close already! i can’t seem to get a single woman on here to talk to me and that’s a huge disappointment overall

  11. Crunchy Cute Jaguar

    when i tried to think about a positive thing to say in this review i just couldn’t. sweetdiscreet.com REALLY misses the mark for me because none of the women are around

  12. an inactive site. for comparison i get about 10 messages a DAY on other sites that i use. this one is just empty and full of fake profiles!

  13. Surreal Breeze

    when i say scam i mean that this site is honestly EMPTY. you are paying for nothing. i don’t know how they have so many fake profiles on here but it’s kind of impressively bad.

  14. all i ask for is a legit site. sweet discreet unfortunately seems to be exactly NOT THAT and that makes me really sad. what a shame overall, it looks like fun.

  15. wish i had a good site to actually use but this one isn’t it. you will get scammed out of your money because you definitely won’t get a single lady on here to give you the time of day


  17. i love being able to give a site a bad rating when they really deserve it and this one DEFINITELY does. stay the heck away if you have any pride left in you.

  18. Little Gnu

    this website is honestly just sad. i can’t believe people still sign up here. that being said at least the fake profiles are kind of hot?? that’s all i have to give about this one

  19. i just want a reliable affair site! i was hoping sweetdiscreet.com would be that but so far it seems pretty hit and miss. hopefully these girls will start chatting me up more

  20. Donny Rifler

    I HATE SITES LIKE THIS. I’LL DEFINITELY NEVER USE THIS ONE AGAIN! i wish i could toss this one out the window to be honest but it’s just so persistently awful…

  21. Prophet Dancing

    nothing like a crappy review for a really crappy site. sweet discreet isn’t discreet at all and i can almost guarantee you’ll get snuffed out by a private investigator!

  22. Christian

    wow good luck finding a comparison to the crap hole that is this site. there is just nothing good to say about it when you consider how scam ridden it is!

  23. Fisty Kitten

    i just want a site that doesn’t have a bunch of scam bots on it! but unfortunately this isn’t it. you will only end up chatting with bots on here and nothing else…

  24. i am still not sure if sweet discreet is legit or not but i am holding out that it is! the women on here are consistently pretty attractive so that’s a big bonsu.

  25. Wally Cox

    not much to say about this site. there’s really nothing good about it and the scams on it are so obvious that it’s painful. good luck with this one…

  26. Flower Doggy Rhino

    i cant believe people actually like this gross excuse of a cheating site. there is really NOTHING about sweet discreet that is good at all because you won’t get LAID!

  27. you won’t meet a single woman on here so how can i give it a good rating? there’s nothing on this site that is worth paying for, keep your money and go elsewhere

  28. this website is really honestly bad and i will not use it again. at least there are hot pics on here but is that really worth your money when you cant get with them?

  29. i want this to be a good affair site but it just isn’t. there’s nothing on sweetdiscreet.com that other sites can’t offer for cheaper and that’s what makes it mediocre…

  30. Calvin Gottwine

    looking at sites like this makes me want to vomit. there’s really NOTHING on here that does me any good when i can’t even get a hold of a single woman to chat with!

  31. Beta Lucky

    i am THRILLED to leave this one a bad review. honestly this site is just awful and i think that sweet discreet should be taken down after scamming so many people!

  32. how is this site still around? for me there’s no comparison to how HONESTLY AWFUL it is and really you should see the women on here they are ugly!

  33. El Birdie

    definitely a scam in not the quite truest sense of the world but you just won’t get what you paid for so there you go. spend your money somewhere else and enjoy it

  34. i was hoping that sweetdiscreet.com would be legit but that doesn’t look like it’s the case. try and use this site for something else and see what happens lol

  35. not good at all. i can’t believe people pay money for a site this crappy. the women are all fake and if you’re really unlucky you’ll run into a private investigator!

  36. The Cool Forsaken Boomerang

    i wish this cheating site was GOOD but it just isn’t. sweet discreet takes the term and twists it and makes it into something really unfun and awful.

  37. lowest of the low rating for me, i just can’t handle this place. not only are the women fake and nonexistent, but you are spending MONEY on that!

  38. Bear Stony

    what makes a good website? well just don’t ask this company because you will NEVER find out. there is nothing about this site that will make you happy

  39. for an affair site i do expect more. i wish sweetdiscreet.com would actually provide and help me meet a couple of women but that never seems to happen

  40. when i look at sites like this i just usually have to cringe. it just so obviously misses the mark that i want to tear it down and demand for everyone’s money back for the past few years of usage!

  41. this site doesn’t even deserve a review. that’s how bad sweet discreet is! there’s nothing discreet about it; it’s crawling with private investigators and scammers! keep your money and run!

  42. when i try to think of a comparison i just can’t. there’s nothing about this site that makes me happy or makes me want to come back. STAY AWAY FROM IT!


  44. when i was looking for sites i just wanted one or two that were legit and fun to be on. i am still wondering about sweet discreet and hoping it is good but i’m not sure

  45. Edmond Sloan

    nothing good here. take your money and go somewhere else because i don’t think it will do you any good to sit on here and send messages to fakes

  46. Brutal James Hawkins

    a very obviously gross and skeezy cheating site. that is absolutely all that sweetdiscreet.com is and that should scare you enough to take your money and go.

  47. don’t drop cash on a site that i would only give the lowest F rating in the world to. it’s not worth you or your time, and you should really look elsewhere from this monstrosity.

  48. this website will not do you any favors. if you want to meet women you can pick any other site. if you want to look at hot pics of fake women, then sit here.

  49. i can’t make this work as an affair site. none of the girls will talk to me. it’s a shame because sweet discreet is COVERED in lovely women and i want to talk to them!

  50. Cameron Elizabeth

    all sites like this need to be taken down. there’s nothing good to be had here and i really think that they are a giant hot mess of fakes and scammers!


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