Review: Why Didn’t Make It Into Our “Top Four Cheater Dating Sites” List?


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TheAffairSite sounds authoritative, but they don't know what they're doing. We didn't hear back from any women and the site is clunky. is one of the STRANGER websites we’ve ever been on. This site doesn’t make it easy to write a good TheAffairSite review, so we’re not going to try.


There’s a weird thing going on with where they have a whole bunch of stuff on the first page about how adultery is bad and everyone should feel really sorry for husbands and wives whose spouses step out on them. Um, aren’t you making money off of exactly that? That’s like WalMart saying on their front page how sad it is that there are no Mom & Pop stores around these days, it just doesn’t make sense.

hookup site scam alert img

Once you’ve got over feeling bad about all of your life choices, tries to lure you in by showing you sexy pictures…of pretty un-sexy ladies, in other countries.

We’ve logged in several times, and each time it tried to show us singles in a different country, usually the U.K. We’re not really sure what this marketing tactic is about, but it sure didn’t make us want to try out any longer than we had to for our comparison.

The AffairSite Front Image

If you’re curious about, first of all, don’t be. This site is terrible, and it’s an obvious scam that’s only out to take your money and use it to (apparently) talk about how sad it is that men and women have to cheat on each other (???).

Second of all, if you ARE curious, you’d better take a look now. This site is frequently down when we try to access it. About half the time we click on, we’re either redirected elsewhere, sent to a U.K.-based site, or are simply unable to load the home page.

A mark of a website that’s tanking is when a website can’t support its own weight. This one is sinking faster than the Titanic.

What We Discovered About Using For Cheater Dating

During our TheAffairSite review, we sent out 240 emails, which was a total waste of electricity, time, and money. Hell, we could have spent that time sending out 240 extra emails on, which would actually have gotten us laid-a couple dozen times, if the previous times were any indication of how well we’ll do!

Instead, we spent that time (sadly) on We didn’t get a SINGLE response to our emails, which is really just pathetic. Man, have the decency to set up some bots or something.

Is Worth Your Time At All?

There’s no way anyone could use and think it’s a legitimate website, or a really good way to meet women. It’s simply impossible. There’s no way ANYONE can get laid on, which makes it basically the most useless piece of crap on the planet.

No sooner do we think that, of course, then we see a bunch of reviews by guys who are mad that this site is a fake. HELLO, take a look around before you purchase! Just a small bit of common sense could save a bunch of these guys from a world of hurt.

Of course, we don’t blame the guys that get taken in by sites like We could understand that kind of thing, if we didn’t spend so much time on cheater dating sites looking for hookups. We know that not every guy makes a habit of finding and avoiding scams like, which is why we’ve created guides of cheater dating tips that can make the whole thing easier.

We Reviewed Here’s Our Verdict

There’s no reason to go to unless you’re trying to punish yourself. There are just no women here that are going to meet up with you, and you’re going to wind up feeling stupid as hell that you spent money on a site that so obviously can’t be trusted. This site is bad news through and through, and you should be able to tell that by now.

Instead of, try out, or even We LOVE those sites, and you won’t have to try and fake your way through a crappy website in the desperate (and hopeless) idea that you MIGHT get laid on this site.

50 Responses to “ Review: Why Didn’t Make It Into Our “Top Four Cheater Dating Sites” List?”

  1. Elephant Ruthless

    so much for being discreet. really has an awful name if you are trying to hide this site from anyone! that’s why it gets an awful review from me for sure

  2. no site comes CLOSE in comparison to how bad this one is. stay the heck away from this one if you are looking for an actual site to meet women on. this one just does nothing for me!

  3. Fatty Homeless Lemur

    i think this one is a total scam. you won’t get laid on here for sure, i think most of the profiles are fake, and if there are women, they are looong gone.

  4. NOT discreet which is kind of troubling! really is a dead giveaway even if it is legit and so i am concerned about whether or not we actually get caught

  5. Sergio Emrick

    this is a REALLY bad site. there’s nothing good to say about it and that makes me worry for my money in general. pass on this one if you want some actual women!

  6. Med Zumlux

    one of the most crappy excuses of a cheating site that i have ever seen. don’t expect anything from the affair site if you actually want to get laid…

  7. there isn’t anything on this site that can be said other than it REALLY deserving an F rating for stealing my money. run the heck away from this one…

  8. The Hurricane

    honestly this website just misses every single mark. if you are thinking you will get laid you are wrong. this site is just laughingly awful. run screaming while you can!

  9. is NOT the best affair site i have used. i think that for the most part it’s slow going and you will probably not get laid on here unless you REALLY work it

  10. Kieth Moore

    i think sites like this are the reason women just AREN’T on affair sites anymore! you won’t get laid if women aren’t around but this one is just so crappy that who would WANT to stick around?

  11. Angry Prince

    nothing about this site deserves a good review. you won’t get laid on this site for sure because the women just don’t EXIST. don’t spend your money on the affair site!

  12. if you really want to find a comparison to this site, you are setting yourself up for pain. stay the heck away from this site and don’t spend money on a rip off.

  13. Yellow Prince

    PROBABLY a scam… i’m not sure if this site has anything going for it but for the most part fake profiles with hot pictures aren’t enough to carry it through!

  14. whether or not it’s legit isn’t the question. the affair site is just kind of eh for me, slow going, hard to get girls to reply, and honestly a lot of spam mail from this site!

  15. Chester Aft

    not much of this site is good at all. i can’t really think of anything at all that i liked in particular honestly. the women on this site are probably not even real.


  17. this site is really deserving of a bad rating. i can’t imagine anyone going on here and feeling comfortable throwing money away on a site that is such an obvious scam

  18. Risky Scorpion

    this website has nothing going for it honestly. i think this one doesn’t deliver anything because it just makes it clear that the women are faker by the minute

  19. I’m alway on the lookout for an affair site that delivers. isn’t discreet like i’d like but i’m giving it a chance anyway and it’s just kind of slow going

  20. Prince Garry

    when i look at sites like this i just have to roll my eyes, there’s NOTHING on this site that isn’t a scam, empty profiles and private investigators everywhere

  21. Fierce Power

    the review for this site can only be considered crappy as far as i’m concerned… the affair site doesn’t do anything for me and so it deserves that negativity

  22. trying to think of a comparison and it’s just a MESS lmfao this site is really bad. you won’t get laid on here and it’s a waste of your money to even try!

  23. The Tapir

    this site is a scam and it’s pretty obvious about it. at least with that in mind you hopefully won’t waste a lot of money while you’re at it!

  24. is questionable as far as legit goes but ehhh i think i will keep trying it and seeing if it will work in order to get me a single hook up or two lmfao

  25. Willie Swink

    this site is really not good. there’s NOTHING on this site that makes me want to keep using it. i will not be renewing my membership on this site after awhile…

  26. this is a really REALLY bad cheating site. you won’t be able to do any cheating on this one that’s for sure. has a crappy name and a crappy layout to go with it, too!

  27. F- rating. this site is really bad as far as i’m concerned. you won’t get laid on here and there’s nothing about it that will actually help you meet women!

  28. The Hungry Vulture

    the only women you can meet on this website are the fake ones that stare back at you stolen from pornos. good luck with that and good night!

  29. man if you are looking for an affair site i really think this one falls short in at least a dozen ways. the affairsite just is BAD and won’t get you laid a single time

  30. Kurtis Levett

    no women to see on sites like this. they’re all fakes, through and through, and i think that’s really obvious at this point… stay away and save your cash!

  31. Rare Liquid Iron

    faaakes all over this place and that’s why i HAD to leave a bad review. you won’t get laid with a bunch of fake pictures after all!

  32. there are few sites that come close in comparison to this raunchy mess of a trainwreck. if you are lucky you wont get spam messages all up in here but i did!

  33. i think this website is a total scam. it doesn’t even try to hide the fact that it is and i guess that makes it easier on me in the long run to not spend money on it!

  34. all i want is one legit site, just one! unfortunately the affair site doesn’t seem to be one. the name isn’t even discreet… and yet i keep trying because the girls are kind of hot!

  35. Walton Hay


  36. Swallow Doggy

    for a cheating site you’d think there would be at least options to help you find more ladies! unfortunately the affair site doesn’t seem to be able to find anyone that works for me.

  37. 0 out of 10 and very solidly so. it gets such a low rating because what you are paying for is absolutely never delivered. nothing to write home about here for sure.

  38. Forsaken Striking Clown

    if you actually think this website will do anything for you, you are really really wrong. at most it’ll give you a good laugh at how crappy it is but otherwise you’re stuck paying money for nothing

  39. isn’t among my favorites unfortunately. when i think of an affair site i actually want to be able to meet women, but i haven’t had much luck on here so far.

  40. Emmanuel Duncan

    when i get on sites like this i expect at least a little bit of positive but unfortunately this one is just really void of all of that. what a shame

  41. the only review i can think to give is that it REALLY REALLY sucks. i spend a lot of money and didn’t get a single message returned!

  42. very few sites come close in comparison to how crappy this one is. i can’t even get women to view my profile let alone reply to any of the messages that i send out

  43. pretty sure this is a scam in about every regard. it’s such a shame and that makes me really mad that i ever spent money on here but ah well…

  44. you live and you learn i guess and this one isn’t legit which i found out pretty quickly. at least some of the women on the affair site are real but not many!

  45. Andres Tripp

    maybe if you pick and choose you will find ONE good woman on here but even that is doubtful! good luck being able to make this site work, because it WON’T

  46. Laser Dangerous

    quite possibly the WORST CHEATING SITE i have EVER USED in all of my years online. does an awful job in ever regard! you won’t meet a single woman!

  47. maaan i have to give this one my lowest rating. it just falls flat in every way. there isn’t a single thing that it does right and it basically knows that!

  48. The Tired Frostbite

    this website is just kind of meh for me. i wish that it could be a lot better. the women on here do not reply to messages and that’s sooo offputting!

  49. crappy affair sites are everywhere and i was hoping that the affair site wouldn’t be that. it just doesn’t seem to move very fast and that’s a little disappointing to me.

  50. Laurence Hatcher

    HATE SITES LIKE THIS. i want to rip this one off the internet and throw it! there’s just nothing redeeming about a site that can’t get me laid like it says it will.


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