Review: Why Didn’t Make It Into Our “Top Four Cheater Dating Sites” List?


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VictoriaMilan claims to have lots of hot women looking for cheating flings, but we didn't find any!

If you can’t already tell what site is trying to rip off, you probably don’t know much about great cheater dating websites. is trying REALLY HARD to be, with shockingly limited success…by which we mean it fails completely. It claims to have as many members as AshleyMadison, which is a ridiculous joke. We’re pretty sure the people behind are just banking on the fact that some people won’t remember the name of the website they were trying to get to, and think they went to the GOOD one.

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So, why are we so sure that your dreams won’t be fulfilled on Let’s take a closer look at what makes this rip-off so much worse than the (fantastic) original.

We actually tried to like The interface looks nice at first, and we thought that this might be one of those sites that was a lot better once you get to really spend time on it.

Sadly, that wasn’t the case. The interface that looked so great at first turned out to be really buggy. The profiles that seemed so promising turned out to be mostly fake.

Image for VictoriaMilan

The English used on is just one more reason to avoid it. This site was obviously made by someone who doesn’t know how to speak English right, and that’s one of the biggest red flags you can get that a website is a SCAM.

What We Discovered About Using For Cheater Dating

During our time on, we sent out 240 emails. We’re four guys, each sending out an email to a different woman every day, over a period of two months.

We only got back 24 emails, which we found to be really disappointing. We were hoping that would surprise us, but it looks like we were wrong-this site really is just a big rip-off of

Hell, at the bottom it even SAYS, “This site is just like the famous!”

When a site is obvious about being a rip-off, you know it’s time to avoid it. When even THEY know that there’s nothing of worth on there, you know you can safely avoid the site.

Is Worth Your Time At All?

If you’re dying for a site like, we have a crazy idea: try

After all, if you have the ability to go to and you go to a crappy site like instead, AshleyMadison might feel sad. It might feel betrayed, or even like it’s been cheated on.

Then again, what goes around comes around. But seriously, if you’re going to cheat on, do it with an even BETTER site, like There’s no reason to throw away a good thing just because a bad thing opened up.

The reason sites like can charge high prices is that they offer quality product. If your site doesn’t offer the same quality product, you can’t expect to command prices as high. It’s REALLY as simple as that, but seems to think that just looking pretty is enough to make us spend money.

In their defense, we’ve spent lots of money on pretty dumb things in the past, so maybe they’re on to something.

We Reviewed Here’s Our Verdict

Don’t waste your time or money on This site is a total rip-off, and it won’t get you a good hookup. Instead, all you’re going to do is waste your money without getting anything in return.

Try out instead, which is one of the best cheater dating sites we’ve ever found. If you get bored there (you won’t), there are plenty of others in our Top 4 Cheater Dating Sites to amuse you until something good comes around again.

50 Responses to “ Review: Why Didn’t Make It Into Our “Top Four Cheater Dating Sites” List?”

  1. The Stallion

    a total ripoff site and not good at all. tries to be the site that it just can’t be, and that’s why it deserves an awful review. stay away from this one.

  2. a lot of sites can be used as a comparison to this one but it’s just a rip off so who cares?? you WON’T get laid on here and it’s just a waste of money.

  3. Stormy Warehouse

    whether or not this site is a scam or not remains to be seen. i haven’t had a lot of luck on here but that doesn’t mean much. it’s just not a good site for me.

  4. might be legit but it’s ‘eh’ at most for me. pass on this one if you want to get laid fast because it hasn’t happened for me yet.

  5. Dwight Bousum

    not sure i can think of a single thing about this site that’s any good. i haven’t had any luck picking up girls on here and so i’m pretty disappointed.

  6. Polar-bear Tidy

    REALLY not a good cheating site. victoria milan thinks it’s great but it’s sooo far from it. pass on this one if you ACTUALLY want to get your money’s worth!

  7. 0 out of 10 rating. i hate this site because it doesn’t deliver at all. there are NOT many women on here and most of them aren’t even married so where’s the fun in that??

  8. a REALLY crappy website that OBVIOUSLY is ripping off other sites. you won’t find many active women on here, the only upside is the fake profiles are hot.

  9. for an affair site, i didn’t expect that much. victoria milan seemed like a good site at first but honestly it’s just slow moving and not that great, oh well.

  10. wish i could find all the sites like this and throw them off a cliff to be honest. there’s not much redeemable here, it’s just a waste of space and money!

  11. I enjoy being able to review sites that are as bad as Honestly, this site is a giant scam, and you will NOT get a single woman on here to go out with you!

  12. no comparison to this craphole. seriously you won’t get laid you won’t get anything except spam mail and you will be lucky if you don’t get money stolen!

  13. Nocturnal Trendy

    probably a scam but hey i enjoyed the hot pics. i think this site is mostly a ripoff of other sites and i see a lot of fake profiles but it could be worse.

  14. at least this site seems legit. is a lot classier than some sites i have seen for affairs but i haven’t had much success on it either way.

  15. Fidel Rega

    may be one of the worst sites i have come across so far; there’s NOTHING good about it. you are spending your money on nothing and you won’t get a single woman to go home with you.

  16. Moose Rainbow

    don’t bother with this cheating site. victoria milan is a really crappy example of a dating site in all regards, you won’t get laid on here and it’s just a waste of time.

  17. for me this is a really obvious F rating. i can’t find anything good about this site and honestly it’s just a giant cluster of fake profiles and ugly women.

  18. Barbaric John Digger

    one of the least appealing websites i’ve been on lately but it could be worse i guess. this site just doesn’t work as a good cheating website.

  19. not sure how it fares as an affair site but hasn’t been very good for just whatever dating on my end. not impressed and may or may not renew my membership.

  20. Willian Burnett

    i think that sites like this should be flat out SHUT DOWN. there isn’t anything on this site that isn’t a scam and you need to be really careful if you use this one!

  21. The Hurricane

    nothing like a crappy review for a crappy site. this site really tries to be what it isn’t. is just bad… it doesn’t provide anything that it says: hot women!!


  23. when i think of scam sites i don’t immediately think of this one?? but it’s still pretty bad. i won’t rebuy my membership here because it really hasn’t gotten me laid.

  24. not sure if this is legit or not. really seems to rip off of other sites a lot but it could be a lot worse i guess. i’m just not wowed by any part of it.

  25. Wes Rosenstiehl

    there really isn’t anything good about this one. i don’t think i will be back here after my membership is up, i see a lot of fake profiles and that worries me.

  26. Fish Lone

    for a cheating site i at least appreciate some discretion. this one offers none of that. stay away from victoria milan if you don’t want to get caught!

  27. for my rating all i can think of is A BIG FAT F. there is NOTHING about this site that makes me want to stay around and look at fake, reused pics all day! what a waste!

  28. Intense Honey

    this website is pretty bad but i have seen worse. it’s mostly just trying to be something that it isn’t; a high brow affair site. spend your money elsewehre.

  29. for me this is a kind of lame affair site. very slow moving and honestly victoria milan doesn’t deliver in a lot of regards. i may or may not be back unless my messages are returned…

  30. Gayle Weingarten

    throw all sites like this off of a cliff. just throw them. not only is it a blatant copy of other sites, but it is full of fakes and that fills me with inordinate rage.

  31. Grub Jack Moonship


  32. i will not be using this site again. i was hoping it would be a comparison to my other favorite sites but it’s a real waste of my time and money, so i will pass on it.

  33. Rotten Crystal

    not sure if it is a scam or not??? i think this site might be okay if you really are okay with waiting FOREVER to get laid but i’m not, so i won’t be renewing my membership…

  34. well may be legit but i am not impressed with it at all. i do not think that this site really does anything except waste my time so far.

  35. Hipolito Caesar

    whether or not it is good doesn’t matter. it just doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do so that’s the point here! don’t spend money on this one unless you like throwing it away

  36. Angry Mutant

    for a cheating site i expected a lot better. there’s nothing about victoriamilan that is good; it isn’t discreet and the women aren’t hot at all! pass on this one!

  37. when i think of rating sites i usually try to give a little credit but this one gets none of that. it’s a serious 0 out of 10. pass on this one and keep your money…

  38. Rockhard Agent

    nothing on this website impressed me at all. i wish i could find a serious woman on here that was interested in me but i just haven’t had ANY luck so far.

  39. for an affair site i am not impressed. i wish victoriamilan was good but it just isn’t. i won’t be spending any more money on here after a month of not a single message returned

  40. Woodrow Baughman

    when i look at sites like this i try to imagine potentials. unfortunately there just isn’t anything here. fake profiles abounding and a lot of money wasted.

  41. Rich Pottery

    I usually don’t bother with a review but this one deserves it. is a really SKETCHY site. save your money and go to a site that will actually help you meet women.

  42. first of all there is NOT a site in comparison to this one in how bad it is. you won’t meet women on here, you’ll get nothing but spam mail, a total waste of money

  43. Dreaded Buffalo

    when i think of scam sites i try to not immediately judge but this one is very obvious. there are a lot of fake profiles, so with that in mind, it’s kind of easy to avoid spending money lol

  44. whether or not it’s legit i’m not sure. looks kind of good but i have yet to really get many responses to my messages, what a shame

  45. when i try to find a new site i really want them to at least have SOME good in them. THIS ONE DOESN’T HAVE ANY OF THAT. so take your money elsewhere to get laid!

  46. Rolling Rayz


  47. F- rating. this is an awful site and you should know it before you try to spend money here. the profiles aren’t even real, there aren’t any real women on this site

  48. Brutal Steamy Moose

    for a cheating website i expect a lot more, it just isn’t very discreet and you get a lot of spam mail from it. at least the women on here seem hot though.

  49. NOT a good affair site. i wish that victoria milan focused less on sex and more on dating but that isn’t the case, it’s just no good and i wish i had my cash back

  50. i think sites like this should be absolutely thrown off a cliff lol. it’s just BAD. don’t spend money here if you actually have some pride left in your soul


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