Reduce Your Risk of Getting Caught – Use Non-Personal Computers

“Watch cam sites when you are alone at home” Carrying on your affair online isn’t easy. It requires no small amount of effort as well as quite a bit of finesse. Above all, you need discretion and you need to know how to cover your tracks, especially in today’s age of social media and constant internet usage! If you have a nosy wife who knows all your passwords to your social media sites, resorting to other sites that she isn’t aware of your profiles on might be your only option! Using a shared computer is just as tough, unfortunately. It can be hard to remember to delete your browsing history every time you’re on there, and most men that carry on affairs where they communicate mostly through the net say that’s the quickest way to get you caught if you’ve been on any online cheater dating sites. The easiest solution to this is to use a computer that your wife probably won’t ever use! If there’s a library anywhere near you, you can use those computers if you don’t mind the possibility of people reading over your shoulder. Hopefully you have a job where you have net access, and if you do, talk to your other woman on there! Work…

Online Role-Play: The Cheater’s Scapegoat

“Indulge her into role play” It’s not technically cheating if you’re not the one doing the act, right? Right. In case this concept is a little confusing for you, think about it this way: would you consider a sexual conversation between two characters cheating? You probably wouldn’t, and therein lies the perfect loophole for you to use in your next affair. I mean, don’t go out of your way to show off to your woman that you’re roleplaying with a cute girl on the side, but a little chat now and then can’t hurt. You Gotta Like the Character You Pick Your first goal is to pick a character that you like, and feel comfortable acting as. The whole point of roleplaying is to personify someone else, making the encounter even more interesting than your daily life. Once you choose, get inside the character’s head so you can role-play them well with your girl – what do they like or hate, what turns them on or off? If you don’t have an already established character that you relate to, go ahead and make one of your own! He can look like anything or do anything – you have COMPLETE freedom here, my man. Not to mention you can give him…

Keeping Your Other Cyber-woman a Secret

Chocolate cake is delicious, and lucky you, you’ve scored a lifetime supply of it! But after a while (days, months, years) it gets old and you’re looking for something new. Maybe German chocolate cake, maybe angel food, or in some cases it doesn’t even matter what it is, as long as it’s not another damned chocolate cake. The same can be said for chicks. You’ve been with your lady for a while now, and yeah, she’s still a cake, but doesn’t seem to satisfy your sweet tooth anymore. After shopping around online you’ve found a sexy babe that gives you more of what you’re looking for, but the problem is you don’t want to get rid of your chocolate cake (it is still delicious, just boring). That’s alright, there’s a way to keep your new cake and eat her too. Vary Your Time Online With Her “Keep a special time frame for your online affairs” It’s important to set up a time frame to meet your new hottie online. Make it wide or varied. This makes it a lot less suspicious (hey, why are you online at 3:34 every day?) If you wake up before your home-based girl, then you can do this before she wakes up. The same goes…

I Keep My Loves Separate Like My Wives in “Fable”

The video game “Fable” has a feature where you can marry multiple wives. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? We mean, your avatar has a different place to go every night, different food, different bed to sleep in, different woman to sleep with, and so on. It’s a pretty sweet deal. All you have to do is make sure your each wife never, ever figures out that you have a wife or wives besides her. What’s the worst that can happen if they do find out, though? What, they’ll kick you out, say they want divorces, but at least one’s going to miss you and take you back, right? Wrong. They get into a fight and dump you completely. Then you have to either kill them or start from scratch and it?s a mess. You have to be the same sort of careful in real life, too. If you have more than one lady, and you don’t technically have an open relationship, you have to be incredibly careful unless you want to lose your apartment or house, all your property, and the ladies you love, all at once. Not to mention that, if you have kids, no judge is going to like a cheater having custody for more than two weekends a…

How to Cyber Without Looking Stupid

Maybe you’re in a long-distance relationship; your lady lives states or countries or even oceans away. Or maybe she’s on a trip to visit family, or you’re on a business trip. Maybe you just go to different universities. Whatever it is, you and your lady aren’t getting any, and it gets frustrating. There’s only so many times you can jerk off by yourself before it just seems pathetic, and she’s probably going through batteries so fast the Energizer bunny has stopped beating its drum. You’ve probably tried phone sex, which can be pretty hot-if you know what you’re doing. If you don’t, you’ll fumble words and come up with nonsensical phrases. Even if you do know what you’re doing, you’re not always in a position for phone sex; you might be in a thin-walled motel room next to a family with two children, for instance. You’ve thought about cybering in those situations, but you’ve always been worried about what to say, how to make it hot for both of you, and how to type well one-handed. There are two main options for cybering: instant text messages through programs like Yahoo Messenger or Skype, or talking to and watching each other through free audiovisual services. The Text Option With the text…

Take it Off: Getting Her to Strip on Webcam

“Come on baby! Take that off” Talking to a hot chick on webcam is good enough; getting her to strip for you is even better. And, luckily for you, getting a girl to strip on webcam is way easier than getting her to do it in person. There’s a sort of lack of inhibitions that comes with talking to someone online, and this makes chicks WAY looser than they would be if you two were just hanging out at your place. I mean, the looser the better when you want them to get naked for you. So, you already know that getting these chicks naked isn’t too tough – but how do you go about it? Compliments If you know anything about girls, you have to know that they eat up compliments like crazy. Just feed her a few lines about how cute she is, how sexy, etc., and watch her inhibitions just melt away. Start by teasing her to take her top off – acting playful even though you’re actually being serious will make her more at ease (and more willing to play along). If you act like you’re daring her to do something, she’s way more likely to do it, just to show you she can. Once she…


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