Taking the Perfect Webcam Photo

Even if you are photogenic, it can be tough getting the perfect shot to set as your profile picture. If you AREN’T photogenic, then it can be infinitely worse. Everyone knows that no chick is going to hit you up on your dating site if you can’t even manage an attractive photo. First impressions are everything to women! Yeah, yeah, it might seem a little feminine to be setting on the webcam taking selfies, but practice really does make perfect. Stick to these three fundamentals to get the perfect picture to show off to the ladies. Angle “Keep the webcam straight at face level” Come on, as a guy, you know angle is everything. From DIY projects to the bedroom, getting just the right angle is crucial, and the same goes for taking photos. Getting different views by using a webcam might seem hard to do, but if guys are good at one thing, it’s being innovative! Pick your laptop or computer up, put it on some books or whatever you want to get it more elevated. When taking pictures, a bird’s eye view will make you look thinner and your face will have more definition. Not to mention it’ll make your eyes look great, which chicks totally dig. A…

Is Porn Cheating?

“I am not having sex with anyone but am just watching porn” Many couples fight over pornography and most of the time it has to do with the dude watching too much of it and the chick getting jealous. Some even go so far as to say that watching porn is cheating. Arguing senselessly over this will not actually solve anything. When talking to your chick, try these tactics to let her know what’s up with porn and cheating. What Does She Consider Cheating? Ask her what her definition of cheating is. Often her issue is that you a) watch something that has hot women in it really getting it on and b) watch nasty things that she would never be willing to do. In the case of a, ladies will often say something along the lines of “I know there are other pretty women in the world, and that you look at them…” but what they are really wanting is to hear that you would never look at those skanks, whether on a video or in real life. So when she sees that you do, it upsets her and makes her feel insecure. B, on the other hand, might freak her out a little bit. Even things like anal…


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