Reel in a Gamer Babe

“Wow! She is cute” Usually, when a dude hears the word “gamer,” he thinks of a guy who spends hours playing “World of Warcraft” or rolling dice in a game of “Dungeons and Dragons.” Maybe he thinks of Xbox 360 style gaming, first-person shooters where he can sneak up behind his opponents and trash-talk them every time he kills them. The point is, you probably think of gaming as something mostly guys do to make up for the fact that they don?t have girlfriends. It?s also the reason that most of them don?t have girlfriends since those self-professed hard core gamers are online 24/7. The fact is, though, there are plenty of girl gamers, and they’re not all on “Farmville.” We’re talking real games, “Call of Duty” and “Halo” and “World of Warcraft.” You might even know some girls who can totally kick your ass in Smash Bros games. There are also, of course, the ones into LARPing and tabletop games and stuff, but you probably won’t even know they do it until she has somewhere to be every Thursday night from 6-9. They’re a pretty cool bunch, usually. You run into some girl gamers who aren’t much, socially or otherwise, but you’ll also run into some truly awesome babes.…

How to Bring Up Kinks With Online Relationships

“Compliment her and then tell her what you would like her to do” We all keep secrets from our partners, from the little, tiny omissions to the large, life-altering ones. When one of those secrets is about something as private and intimate as a personal kink, though, keeping the secret can begin to cause a serious strain on your relationship and sex life. You might feel unsatisfied and unfulfilled, she might feel like you’re keeping something more heinous from her, and before long, bad blood can begin to boil. When you’re in an online relationship, distance can feel even greater. Of course, it’s understandable to be nervous about bringing kinks up, especially if you don’t know how your partner might react. What if she ridicules you? What if she’s disgusted? Any rejection is hard, but rejection of something so personal can smart even more. Luckily, if you follow the steps below, you can be sure to lessen any possible blow-back and increase your chances for the best possible outcome. How to Have That Discussion First things first, this is not a conversation to jump right into. Don’t wait until you’re in the middle of cybering to bring this up. Instead, choose an appropriate time for a talk, when neither of…

Be a Master of Disguise: Cheating in One Town

“You’ll have to cheat your friends for her” If you read a lot of articles on sneaking out on your old lady you?ve probably realized that they all seem geared to guys in big cities. Just because you don?t live in a huge burg doesn?t mean that you can?t successfully have an affair, it just means that you need to step up your game. Those other dudes are playing on easy and you have to default to God Mode. Don?t worry, we?ve got three simple tricks up our sleeve to share with you. Switcheroo “You’ll have to get past your friend if you want her tonight” This trick requires your friends to be down with your actions. Depending on how shady they are or aren?t you may not be able to swing it. First thing you do is drive to whatever your local hangout is and park your car. IF you don?t think your friends are cool, make sure you park away from their cars. Odds are they won?t look for yours but if you?re right next to them, they?ll notice. Hang out with your crew for a while, have a few beers. Then, when it gets close to date time, take a cab to your destination. When you?re done…


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