Perfect Halfway Date: Meeting Your Long Distance Girl

Long distance relationships can be rough. Sure, there are phone calls, texts, exchanging pictures, emailing daily, and Skype, but that’s not enough. It’s not the same as taking your girlfriend out for dinner and then home and into bed. It’s not even as good as taking her out so she can shop for shoes. That distance-whether it’s a state away or across the Pacific-creates an emotional and mental distance in your relationship. By the time you’ve been a couple for a few months, you’re probably itching to meet each other. Where? When? How does it work? Who does the traveling? As it turns out, the answers to those questions aren’t so difficult. Where to Meet? “Hug her tightly” Picking the “where” is probably the most difficult question for both of you, but her especially. She hasn’t physically been with you, and women have to worry about potential rapists more than men ever will. There’s also the fact that neither of you knows if the other is secretly a serial killer. So you don’t want to meet at a private area; you should pick a public place. If you’re flying to her area, she’ll probably pick you up. An airport is public, sure, but you’re not going to spend a lot…

Is Porn Cheating?

“I am not having sex with anyone but am just watching porn” Many couples fight over pornography and most of the time it has to do with the dude watching too much of it and the chick getting jealous. Some even go so far as to say that watching porn is cheating. Arguing senselessly over this will not actually solve anything. When talking to your chick, try these tactics to let her know what’s up with porn and cheating. What Does She Consider Cheating? Ask her what her definition of cheating is. Often her issue is that you a) watch something that has hot women in it really getting it on and b) watch nasty things that she would never be willing to do. In the case of a, ladies will often say something along the lines of “I know there are other pretty women in the world, and that you look at them…” but what they are really wanting is to hear that you would never look at those skanks, whether on a video or in real life. So when she sees that you do, it upsets her and makes her feel insecure. B, on the other hand, might freak her out a little bit. Even things like anal…

I Keep My Loves Separate Like My Wives in “Fable”

The video game “Fable” has a feature where you can marry multiple wives. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? We mean, your avatar has a different place to go every night, different food, different bed to sleep in, different woman to sleep with, and so on. It’s a pretty sweet deal. All you have to do is make sure your each wife never, ever figures out that you have a wife or wives besides her. What’s the worst that can happen if they do find out, though? What, they’ll kick you out, say they want divorces, but at least one’s going to miss you and take you back, right? Wrong. They get into a fight and dump you completely. Then you have to either kill them or start from scratch and it?s a mess. You have to be the same sort of careful in real life, too. If you have more than one lady, and you don’t technically have an open relationship, you have to be incredibly careful unless you want to lose your apartment or house, all your property, and the ladies you love, all at once. Not to mention that, if you have kids, no judge is going to like a cheater having custody for more than two weekends a…


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