Three Signs Your Affair Is Becoming Too Serious

Sometimes marriages or LTRs get mad boring, and you have to go get some action on the side. Mostly, we don’t want to hurt the feelings of the girl we’re with, and if you’re sneaking around, you probably don’t want to lose her. We can talk about this openly since dudes are different than chicks, but there is a deadly pitfall that you can end up in, and that is getting in too deep with a girl you’re banging on the side. Your Wife is Number One Your wife isn’t satisfying you for whatever reason. We’ve all been there, especially if you’ve been dating or married for a long time. One thing you can be sure about, though, if is you start to take bigger risks of being found out to please your fling at your wife’s expense. If your main girl is having a big event, like a birthday or job promotion, and you blow it off with a lame excuse to spend time with your other woman, that’s danger territory. It’s one thing to beg off dinner on a week night to go bang your extra lady at a motel, but it’s totally different to take a legitimate risk of being found out by blowing off something important.…

The Art of Subtle Masturbation: What She Doesn’t Know Won’t Hurt Her

Sometimes when you’re talking to cute honey on the webcam, your mind can’t help but wander. These urges are tough to deny, so why bother? Even if she’s not into mutual masturbation, what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. Just make sure she doesn’t see you whip it out! As long as you aren’t too obvious, you can rub one off while talking to her no problem, and she’ll be none the wiser. Here are a few tips for keeping your cool while you’re busy: Check Your Moves “Don’t let her know that you are masturbating” Your game will be totally shot if she notices your hand going up and down, so don’t get too crazy. Slow and steady wins the race, my friend. If your upper arm and shoulder muscles are moving, and at a rhythmic pace at that, it’ll be pretty obvious what’s going down. Keep her from finding out your dirty little secret by controlling which muscles are contracting – practice using just your forearm to move your hand. Not only is it subtle, but also a more controlled movement helps you get a better grip on yourself. Look Into My Eyes Okay, this one might seem a little embarrassing. Meeting her eye while you’re masturbating to…

How Young Is Too Young? College versus Career Ladies

We love some fine ladies, but you really have your pick if you’re just having a fling, and you’ve got nothing to lose. You’re out to find a girl to have some fun, and you’re not looking for perfection. Sure, we get it. That’s all well and good, but bear in mind that there are pros and cons to certain types of women, the obvious attributes and drawbacks aside. One of the MAJOR ones that always seem to crop up, though, is the “young versus mature” debate. Younger chicks have the reputation of being hot and eager, whereas older babes know what they want and aren’t dramatic. Obviously we’re talking college versus hard ass career woman. Who’s really better in the sack, though? We asked some of our friends, and based on those stories and our own experiences, here’s what you can expect. Older Chicks Know What They Dig Older babes have been around the block and seen the sites. They’re not going to settle for bullshit, but they also know how to have the most fun. If they’re working professionals, they’re also independent and down for honesty. You can be rest assured that if some hard ass hottie says she wants an NSA night, she actually does. That’s the…


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