Steps to Clear Chrome and Cover Your eTracks

“Remember to delete your Google Chrome browser history after your cam sessions” No one among us can claim a browser history free from embarrassment or shame, a browser history that they would be happily willing to let their grandmother take a peek at. While there’s nothing whatsoever wrong with having a few dirty secrets in your browser history, there is something wrong in being willfully heedless and negligent with clearing it, allowing anyone and everyone to have a peek at what you’ve been doing during your time online. Are you worried that your girlfriend might see who you’ve been chatting with? What sites you’ve been looking at? Maybe what porn you’ve been watching and what you’ve been downloading? Thankfully, Google Chrome is a browser that makes it easy to clear your history and cover your tracks so that no one will ever know what you’ve been up to. The Steps to Take to Clear Your History The first step is obvious, of course; open Google Chrome on your computer. Then click on the “History.” You can find this either near the middle of your tool bar or by opening “Customize and Control Google Chrome” on the top right and then clicking “History” from there. After this opens, click “Show Full…

Spot a Fake: How to Tell if She’s the Real Deal

“Don’t be so happy. She might be a fake” You’ve been checking out dating sites for a couple of months now, and there’s just no girl who fits what you want. Maybe you’re looking for a pretty girl in hipster glasses who likes architecture and is into reading. Maybe your dream girl is a blonde bombshell working on her PhD. Maybe you just want some down-to-earth chick who’s also a mechanic. Whatever it is you’re looking for, you’re just not finding it, and the site’s supposed to be great. Then one day, you get a notification from the site that they’ve found a match for you, or someone’s written you a message. You’re probably kind of wary; after all, you’ve talked to a dozen or more ladies in the time you’ve been on the site, and none of them are what you’re looking for. You check her out anyway, though, and it turns out she’s a librarian with a pretty face and hair that exact color you like. She’s almost too perfect for you to be real, and, as you talk to her and find out more and more, you have to wonder just how she hits so many of your “attraction” buttons. So you decide to look harder. She’s…

How to Know if Online Dating Is Right for You

It’s true that it isn’t for everybody. Looking for a partner online can be a difficult road to walk down and can sometimes take a little longer to find the sexy lady you’ve been looking for than say, meeting one at a bar or club. Especially if you’ve already got a wife or a long-term girlfriend, it can be hard at first to jump into such a wide world of women to pursue. In reality, online dating is the perfect way to fall back into the swing of the dating and hookup world. Instead of potentially awkward face-to-face meetings, you have chat rooms giving you time to think up a response and type it and is especially beneficial if you’re better with writing words than you are at speaking them. No stuttering and awkward sexual questions over the net! Everything just seems to happen a little easier, which is great for you if you need the convenience of an affair. Check Out Online Cheating Sites “This cheating website looks good” Online dating has grown to have such a bad reputation over the years. It seems that if you mention trying to hook up with anyone online, they either think you’re creepy or desperate. It doesn’t mean either of those things,…


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