She’s a Fox: How to Deal With Furries

“Do you like furry women?” Everyone’s been there: you meet a cute girl, she seems like a decent person, she knows how to handle herself. You ask her out, and she agrees. You date for a few months before you change your Facebook statuses and officially agree not to sleep with other people. It’s all good. You don’t even fight much. One day, she asks you if she can tell you something. She makes you promise not to freak out or make fun of her. You’re probably thinking this is something like she likes getting tied up, and that can be hot, so it’s cool. You promise. And she goes, “I’m a fox,” then elaborates with, “I’m a furry.” How You Shouldn’t React “Don’t make fun of her” You promised her you wouldn’t make fun of her or anything, and besides, it’s been good since you two started dating. If it wasn’t, you probably wouldn’t be having this conversation. So the first thing is to not make fun of her. Do whatever you have to so you won’t laugh or anything: cover your face, stare at the floor, subtly pinch yourself as a distraction (which is also a good way to be sure this isn’t all a crazy dream). And…

Showing Off: How to Look Larger Than Life on Camera

“OMG! You got a big dick” If you want to have sex on a webcam with hot chicks you find on online dating sites, just know that it’s a whole different thing from having sex in person. Having sex face-to-face involves a lot of keeping your eyes closed and just relying on your sense of touch – too bad for you, you don’t have any of that when you’re on camera. Your looks have to impress your chick…not to mention your size. For a generation raised on porn industry standards, you might not look up to par with your fellow guys. How do you keep from losing her interest in a world of massive bulges? Size Training Frequent erections are actually a good thing, because it helps the skin stretch out more and gives you some length. Keep up with a regimen to add onto what you already have, but don’t push it! The penis can be easily injured, and takes a long time to repair, so be careful. Working Out If the whole size training idea freaks you out, don’t worry about it! For those guys sporting a bit of pudge, you can potentially add inches to your mini me by hitting the gym and setting up a routine…

Take it Off: Getting Her to Strip on Webcam

“Come on baby! Take that off” Talking to a hot chick on webcam is good enough; getting her to strip for you is even better. And, luckily for you, getting a girl to strip on webcam is way easier than getting her to do it in person. There’s a sort of lack of inhibitions that comes with talking to someone online, and this makes chicks WAY looser than they would be if you two were just hanging out at your place. I mean, the looser the better when you want them to get naked for you. So, you already know that getting these chicks naked isn’t too tough – but how do you go about it? Compliments If you know anything about girls, you have to know that they eat up compliments like crazy. Just feed her a few lines about how cute she is, how sexy, etc., and watch her inhibitions just melt away. Start by teasing her to take her top off – acting playful even though you’re actually being serious will make her more at ease (and more willing to play along). If you act like you’re daring her to do something, she’s way more likely to do it, just to show you she can. Once she…


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