Warning Signs That Your Fling May Try to Blackmail You, and How to Deal

Flings on the side can either be fun or dangerous, and although we don’t like to be negative, the fact of the matter is that you ARE taking a risk by banging a girl that isn’t your wife or partner. If you’ve been savvy about finding a hottie on the DL, then you’ll make sure from the get-go that she’s not looking for anything beyond hooking up, and she knows what you’re all about. However, not all girls are as honest as us, so beware. Here are a few signs that your lady is getting backstabbing, how to prevent it, and deal with the aftermath if necessary. Signs She’s Crazy If she seems super clingy, this is a bad signal. When we say “clingy,” we mean all over you to the point where other girls start to cast their eyes away, as if your fling will claw their eyes out. If you get the sense she actually WILL, you might want to back away in the early days of your courtship. Ditch her if she’s nuts. Be careful with girls like this, because you may have an idea of what to expect and like her, but the minute your gut tells you otherwise, obey and bow out. Be careful about…

The Wonders of Chatroulette for Cheaters

“Chatting with strangers on Chatroulette is fun” If you’re a cheater that isn’t committed to having a long-term affair with just one particular woman, there’s a place other than Craigslist for you, my friend. Maybe you’re just one of the many men out there (and many women, too, surprisingly) who don’t consider a little harmless extra-marital stimulation that much of an issue and are okay with seeking sex outside the marital bed, so to speak. It’s not really cheating if you didn’t DO anything, right? Chatting with someone online isn’t as big of a deal as actually sneaking out and having sex with them. Either way, whether you’re knowingly cheating or just looking for a night of some racy fun with hot babes online, randomized chat sites like Chatroulette and Omegle are both great places to start off your search. It Won’t Take Long to Find Someone “There are hundreds of women who are waiting for you to approach them” You’ve probably heard of it. Chatroulette and Omegle are the top two “random stranger” chat sites on the net. You log in and can choose a text-only (think classic instant messaging screen) or video and microphone-enabled chat and you’ll be paired up with another stranger who’s logged in completely at…

The Art of Subtle Masturbation: What She Doesn’t Know Won’t Hurt Her

Sometimes when you’re talking to cute honey on the webcam, your mind can’t help but wander. These urges are tough to deny, so why bother? Even if she’s not into mutual masturbation, what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. Just make sure she doesn’t see you whip it out! As long as you aren’t too obvious, you can rub one off while talking to her no problem, and she’ll be none the wiser. Here are a few tips for keeping your cool while you’re busy: Check Your Moves “Don’t let her know that you are masturbating” Your game will be totally shot if she notices your hand going up and down, so don’t get too crazy. Slow and steady wins the race, my friend. If your upper arm and shoulder muscles are moving, and at a rhythmic pace at that, it’ll be pretty obvious what’s going down. Keep her from finding out your dirty little secret by controlling which muscles are contracting – practice using just your forearm to move your hand. Not only is it subtle, but also a more controlled movement helps you get a better grip on yourself. Look Into My Eyes Okay, this one might seem a little embarrassing. Meeting her eye while you’re masturbating to…

Sound Sincere Even if you Aren’t Always

“Women love sincere men” Have you ever heard one of your friends joke about how women seem to be able to smell insincerity like fear? Well, it’s true. If you give a woman a compliment that you don’t mean, she’s bound to see through it. The same goes for if you lie. If you let yourself tell a girl you’re oh, say, five years younger than you are (even if you look it) you will be found out. If the extent of your flirting with a woman that you’re trying to pick up to have an affair with consists of a series of lies, you’re probably not going to go very far. Your goal should be sincerity when she asks you a question; even if it isn’t something you particularly care about, you need to sound like you do. Yes, unfortunately that does mean you might have to answer a few of those dreaded “does this make my butt look big” or “how good do my boobs look in this dress” questions. If you act like you don’t care and she can tell, though, you’ll lose any chance you might have had at getting a better look under those clothes she’s wearing. Don’t ruin it for yourself! Offer the Occasional…


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