Spot a Fake: How to Tell if She’s the Real Deal

“Don’t be so happy. She might be a fake” You’ve been checking out dating sites for a couple of months now, and there’s just no girl who fits what you want. Maybe you’re looking for a pretty girl in hipster glasses who likes architecture and is into reading. Maybe your dream girl is a blonde bombshell working on her PhD. Maybe you just want some down-to-earth chick who’s also a mechanic. Whatever it is you’re looking for, you’re just not finding it, and the site’s supposed to be great. Then one day, you get a notification from the site that they’ve found a match for you, or someone’s written you a message. You’re probably kind of wary; after all, you’ve talked to a dozen or more ladies in the time you’ve been on the site, and none of them are what you’re looking for. You check her out anyway, though, and it turns out she’s a librarian with a pretty face and hair that exact color you like. She’s almost too perfect for you to be real, and, as you talk to her and find out more and more, you have to wonder just how she hits so many of your “attraction” buttons. So you decide to look harder. She’s…

Digital Girls: Programmed to be all Yours

Admit it, you?ve read about those dudes who have the digital dating sim girlfriend and you were curious. We were, too, so we did some research. These aren?t real dolls or programmable robots that we?re talking about. No, dude, these are video games called ?dating sims?. So what?s the appeal? We found a few people who play them and asked. First, What IS a Dating Sim? ?Sim? is a word you?ve probably heard before. It stands for simulation, like in the popular game, ?the Sims?. Dating sims take the whole ?creating your own people? idea a little more narrow than the simple ?woo woo? of the Sims. Instead you can select from a group of preset personalities that will interact with you based on how you treat them. Remember those tamagotchi things that everyone had in middle school? It?s something like that except they don?t die. By giving attention in a certain way to the personalities, they ?respond? either favorably or not. For example, if you like the way one of the characters looks, you will try to get her to respond romantically with you. Following the proper responses will get the character to a point where they?re going to get naked for you. Think of it as choose your…


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