What’s She Into: Find Her Kinks

For whatever reason, a lot of dudes like to believe chicks are pure and fair maidens who have never thought about sex, or at least not sex other than in the missionary position. That might be because they want to introduce chicks to other aspects of sex, but it sounds kind of boring. It’s a lot more interesting and fun when a woman knows what she’s into and how she wants to have sex. Some women are upfront about their wants, telling you exactly how they want sex to go, but others are shy about it, whether because they’ve never tried the things they want, because they’ve never shared what their kinks are with anyone other than their girlfriends, or because she’s worried she’ll be made fun of. You’re an open-minded dude, though, right? And you know most chicks have their own kinks, so you want to know what your lady’s kinks are. The Subtle Approach “She seems to be into spanking” Don’t go all Christian Grey on her by taking her to a hardware store and buying a bunch of BDSM supplies. That’s creepy, and it could embarrass her if she picks up on what you’re doing. Instead, try talking about how, this one time, your ex-girlfriend was into…

Spot a Fake: How to Tell if She’s the Real Deal

“Don’t be so happy. She might be a fake” You’ve been checking out dating sites for a couple of months now, and there’s just no girl who fits what you want. Maybe you’re looking for a pretty girl in hipster glasses who likes architecture and is into reading. Maybe your dream girl is a blonde bombshell working on her PhD. Maybe you just want some down-to-earth chick who’s also a mechanic. Whatever it is you’re looking for, you’re just not finding it, and the site’s supposed to be great. Then one day, you get a notification from the site that they’ve found a match for you, or someone’s written you a message. You’re probably kind of wary; after all, you’ve talked to a dozen or more ladies in the time you’ve been on the site, and none of them are what you’re looking for. You check her out anyway, though, and it turns out she’s a librarian with a pretty face and hair that exact color you like. She’s almost too perfect for you to be real, and, as you talk to her and find out more and more, you have to wonder just how she hits so many of your “attraction” buttons. So you decide to look harder. She’s…

How to Cyber Without Looking Stupid

Maybe you’re in a long-distance relationship; your lady lives states or countries or even oceans away. Or maybe she’s on a trip to visit family, or you’re on a business trip. Maybe you just go to different universities. Whatever it is, you and your lady aren’t getting any, and it gets frustrating. There’s only so many times you can jerk off by yourself before it just seems pathetic, and she’s probably going through batteries so fast the Energizer bunny has stopped beating its drum. You’ve probably tried phone sex, which can be pretty hot-if you know what you’re doing. If you don’t, you’ll fumble words and come up with nonsensical phrases. Even if you do know what you’re doing, you’re not always in a position for phone sex; you might be in a thin-walled motel room next to a family with two children, for instance. You’ve thought about cybering in those situations, but you’ve always been worried about what to say, how to make it hot for both of you, and how to type well one-handed. There are two main options for cybering: instant text messages through programs like Yahoo Messenger or Skype, or talking to and watching each other through free audiovisual services. The Text Option With the text…

Good Times of Year to Begin an Affair Online

Believe it or not, there are times of the year where it’s better to try and start up an affair. If you have the opportunity for great sex outside your committed relationship, though, don’t pass it up just because you’re waiting for the right time. Who does that? That will never get you anywhere, man. Whether you’re a veteran cheater or this is your first time getting back in the dating saddle since you married your wife, aiming for the spring or winter can get you everywhere. If you’re looking to dive into the world of having an affair, especially if you’re looking around on cheater websites to try and find your other woman, try and aim for the these times and you’ll be over the moon with how well it goes for you. Green Light During Spring “Spring is the best season to start an affair” Spring cleaning happens with relationships, not just houses! Many people who stayed in a sub-par relationship over the winter will rid themselves of it come spring, which is where your good luck comes in. It’s a sense of rebirth thing for a lot of women, and they’ll flood to online cheater sites seeking a committed guy who won’t want one hundred percent of…

Careful What You Tweet: Don’t Tag Yourself When Cheating

“Be careful while tweeting. Don’t let everyone know about your affair” Everyone’s had the temptation to cheat. Whenever you’re out, you’re probably surrounded by total babes. Maybe you’ve been eying a waitress at your favorite restaurant. Or maybe it’s that chick you clicked with online, and now you talk to her daily. Whatever the reason is, you’re tempted to go for someone new. Your girlfriend or wife might be enough for you normally, but you just need a change without breaking up. Enter the lady on the side. There are problems with cheating, of course. You can’t talk about her too much on Twitter or send her too many DMs; your girlfriend might catch on. Twitter is just one site where you can get; there are many others. There are ways around this when you use Twitter, fortunately. Keep (Fake) Boundaries Clear When you’ve started something with a chick on the side, you don’t want to carry it too far where your main lady can see. You can talk to your partner in cheating, as long as you keep it clean. Don’t flirt with her. Your main lady probably has you added on Twitter, and she’ll see what you say to the chick. Don’t tell her that her outfit is…


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