Long Distance Dating Gift Ideas

When you don’t live near each other, holidays and birthdays are hard. You can’t just give her a necklace, take her out for dinner, maybe see a play or musical if she’s into that, and go have sex on her birthday. For holidays, there’s the extra panic of making sure it fits with her personal traditions for that day. There are several options when it comes to gift giving and long distance relationships. Date a Jehovah’s Witness Jehovah’s Witnesses aren’t allowed to accept birthday or holiday gifts. This gets you completely off the hook. You never again have to buy a dozen red roses and a box of Godiva on February 13. Find a Good Florist Don’t rely on 1-800-FLOWERS or any of those places. Find a local florist with good reviews on Yelp. If you know any of her friends in the area, see if they’ll go to a couple of well-reviewed florists and see how good they actually are. Make sure to find out if the florist does deliveries. If you can find a good florist who delivers and has a good selection of bouquets, plus are willing to come up with something totally new, you’ve got one part down. Now, instead of a generic rose bouquet, you…

Careful What You Tweet: Don’t Tag Yourself When Cheating

“Be careful while tweeting. Don’t let everyone know about your affair” Everyone’s had the temptation to cheat. Whenever you’re out, you’re probably surrounded by total babes. Maybe you’ve been eying a waitress at your favorite restaurant. Or maybe it’s that chick you clicked with online, and now you talk to her daily. Whatever the reason is, you’re tempted to go for someone new. Your girlfriend or wife might be enough for you normally, but you just need a change without breaking up. Enter the lady on the side. There are problems with cheating, of course. You can’t talk about her too much on Twitter or send her too many DMs; your girlfriend might catch on. Twitter is just one site where you can get; there are many others. There are ways around this when you use Twitter, fortunately. Keep (Fake) Boundaries Clear When you’ve started something with a chick on the side, you don’t want to carry it too far where your main lady can see. You can talk to your partner in cheating, as long as you keep it clean. Don’t flirt with her. Your main lady probably has you added on Twitter, and she’ll see what you say to the chick. Don’t tell her that her outfit is…


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