Keeping Your Other Cyber-woman a Secret

Chocolate cake is delicious, and lucky you, you’ve scored a lifetime supply of it! But after a while (days, months, years) it gets old and you’re looking for something new. Maybe German chocolate cake, maybe angel food, or in some cases it doesn’t even matter what it is, as long as it’s not another damned chocolate cake. The same can be said for chicks. You’ve been with your lady for a while now, and yeah, she’s still a cake, but doesn’t seem to satisfy your sweet tooth anymore. After shopping around online you’ve found a sexy babe that gives you more of what you’re looking for, but the problem is you don’t want to get rid of your chocolate cake (it is still delicious, just boring). That’s alright, there’s a way to keep your new cake and eat her too. Vary Your Time Online With Her “Keep a special time frame for your online affairs” It’s important to set up a time frame to meet your new hottie online. Make it wide or varied. This makes it a lot less suspicious (hey, why are you online at 3:34 every day?) If you wake up before your home-based girl, then you can do this before she wakes up. The same goes…

Business Trips: What Happens At the Seminar, Stays at the Seminar

Business trips are some of the best opportunities to find a hot babe to have a fling with. First of all, even if they’re related to your field, after a few sessions they get mad boring. Second, you’re already guaranteed to have SOMETHING in common with the hot chick sitting two rows ahead of you in the PowerPoint presentation, so it’s way easier than hitting some seedy bar where you may not even score. The beautiful part of flings on a business trip is that, unless you work with your wife or her family, you’re guaranteed a free-for-all sexcapade. Clothes Make the Babe Girls like clothes. Even if she’s a hardcore career woman, her clothes are going to say way more about her personality than what SHE says. Beware shirts buttoned to the throat, jackets with four buttons done up, and high-waisted pants with flat loafers. These girls MIGHT be fun, but you just don’t know until you get her into bed, and it’s not really a time to be picky. Try to go for a hot business chick in a skirt suit, where by the time of the night where you’re ending a seminar, she’s got her jacket undone, shirt unbuttoned, and looks like she could use the bar.…


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