Is Porn Cheating?

“I am not having sex with anyone but am just watching porn” Many couples fight over pornography and most of the time it has to do with the dude watching too much of it and the chick getting jealous. Some even go so far as to say that watching porn is cheating. Arguing senselessly over this will not actually solve anything. When talking to your chick, try these tactics to let her know what’s up with porn and cheating. What Does She Consider Cheating? Ask her what her definition of cheating is. Often her issue is that you a) watch something that has hot women in it really getting it on and b) watch nasty things that she would never be willing to do. In the case of a, ladies will often say something along the lines of “I know there are other pretty women in the world, and that you look at them…” but what they are really wanting is to hear that you would never look at those skanks, whether on a video or in real life. So when she sees that you do, it upsets her and makes her feel insecure. B, on the other hand, might freak her out a little bit. Even things like anal…

How to Cyber Without Looking Stupid

Maybe you’re in a long-distance relationship; your lady lives states or countries or even oceans away. Or maybe she’s on a trip to visit family, or you’re on a business trip. Maybe you just go to different universities. Whatever it is, you and your lady aren’t getting any, and it gets frustrating. There’s only so many times you can jerk off by yourself before it just seems pathetic, and she’s probably going through batteries so fast the Energizer bunny has stopped beating its drum. You’ve probably tried phone sex, which can be pretty hot-if you know what you’re doing. If you don’t, you’ll fumble words and come up with nonsensical phrases. Even if you do know what you’re doing, you’re not always in a position for phone sex; you might be in a thin-walled motel room next to a family with two children, for instance. You’ve thought about cybering in those situations, but you’ve always been worried about what to say, how to make it hot for both of you, and how to type well one-handed. There are two main options for cybering: instant text messages through programs like Yahoo Messenger or Skype, or talking to and watching each other through free audiovisual services. The Text Option With the text…


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