What’s She Into: Find Her Kinks

For whatever reason, a lot of dudes like to believe chicks are pure and fair maidens who have never thought about sex, or at least not sex other than in the missionary position. That might be because they want to introduce chicks to other aspects of sex, but it sounds kind of boring. It’s a lot more interesting and fun when a woman knows what she’s into and how she wants to have sex. Some women are upfront about their wants, telling you exactly how they want sex to go, but others are shy about it, whether because they’ve never tried the things they want, because they’ve never shared what their kinks are with anyone other than their girlfriends, or because she’s worried she’ll be made fun of. You’re an open-minded dude, though, right? And you know most chicks have their own kinks, so you want to know what your lady’s kinks are. The Subtle Approach “She seems to be into spanking” Don’t go all Christian Grey on her by taking her to a hardware store and buying a bunch of BDSM supplies. That’s creepy, and it could embarrass her if she picks up on what you’re doing. Instead, try talking about how, this one time, your ex-girlfriend was into…

Pulling Off the Perfect Webcam Date

“Go for a face to face webcam date” So, you’ve got yourself a lady on the side, and you want to treat her right (you’re a cheater, but you’re still a romantic!). But…here’s the catch. You two are long-distance, and there’s no way you can sneak out to her for a fun weekend alone without your wife catching on. Your anniversary with your mistress is coming up, so what do you do to make it really special if you’re not even there? The solution is simple: treat her to a webcam date. Yeah, it might sound lame, but if you pull it off right, it definitely is anything but. Let Her Know You Have Something in the Works Make sure she knows you have something planned! Send her a sweet e-mail or even a hand-written letter inviting her to join you at a specific day and time for your anniversary date. She’ll love that you went out of your way to plan something for her, and giving her an invitation gets her excited while giving you some time to think of ideas!Girls love the little things, so don’t go too extravagant with her -not to mention, spending a ton of money on stuff for her will be a tip-off to…

Is Porn Cheating?

“I am not having sex with anyone but am just watching porn” Many couples fight over pornography and most of the time it has to do with the dude watching too much of it and the chick getting jealous. Some even go so far as to say that watching porn is cheating. Arguing senselessly over this will not actually solve anything. When talking to your chick, try these tactics to let her know what’s up with porn and cheating. What Does She Consider Cheating? Ask her what her definition of cheating is. Often her issue is that you a) watch something that has hot women in it really getting it on and b) watch nasty things that she would never be willing to do. In the case of a, ladies will often say something along the lines of “I know there are other pretty women in the world, and that you look at them…” but what they are really wanting is to hear that you would never look at those skanks, whether on a video or in real life. So when she sees that you do, it upsets her and makes her feel insecure. B, on the other hand, might freak her out a little bit. Even things like anal…


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