Three Smells to Avoid While Having an Affair

We recognize people by smell and associate nostalgia with scents. There’s the power of pheromones and good, old-fashioned perfume. The smell of food makes us hungry, and the smell of pine needles remind those of us outdoorsy types of camping and roughing it. All in all, smells play a really important part of how you’re viewed and can give away a lot. There’s the old saying about a man coming home smelling of another woman’s perfume, but we’re going further than that. Women are perceptive, and unless you’re perfectly suave, your steady girl might have some suspicions about your extracurricular activities. Maybe you’re lucky, or just an extraordinary talented dude at cheating, but there are some pitfalls that no one can avoid. We have all experienced these surprising giveaways, so listen up and learn how to avoid perjuring yourself. Fancy Cooking This might sound crazy to you, but think about it – how often is it that you cook fancy dinners? Maybe you LIKE cooking, but even then, if you come home smelling like some sort of exotic meal, your wife is going to wonder who exactly ate it with you. And possibly, who you ate. Here’s the thing: excuses about going to dinner with friends (and without her) only…

Steps to Clear Chrome and Cover Your eTracks

“Remember to delete your Google Chrome browser history after your cam sessions” No one among us can claim a browser history free from embarrassment or shame, a browser history that they would be happily willing to let their grandmother take a peek at. While there’s nothing whatsoever wrong with having a few dirty secrets in your browser history, there is something wrong in being willfully heedless and negligent with clearing it, allowing anyone and everyone to have a peek at what you’ve been doing during your time online. Are you worried that your girlfriend might see who you’ve been chatting with? What sites you’ve been looking at? Maybe what porn you’ve been watching and what you’ve been downloading? Thankfully, Google Chrome is a browser that makes it easy to clear your history and cover your tracks so that no one will ever know what you’ve been up to. The Steps to Take to Clear Your History The first step is obvious, of course; open Google Chrome on your computer. Then click on the “History.” You can find this either near the middle of your tool bar or by opening “Customize and Control Google Chrome” on the top right and then clicking “History” from there. After this opens, click “Show Full…

Natural or Photoshop?

In this day and age, it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s fake. Sadly, that also goes for the pictures of “hot chicks” you see when you’re on dating sites. There are a huge number of ways for a girl to make herself seem hotter, skinnier, and younger than she really is, so you have to watch out. The number one program used by women to edit their photos is Photoshop, and it allows them to do a ridiculous amount of changes to their own images. Luckily for you, most girls aren’t too good at it, so you can spot a fake with a little detective work. Is She Fat? It’s pretty common for a girl to be self-conscious about her weight, and to try and take off a few pounds digitally if she isn’t looking her best. The easiest way to tell if your prospective chick is lying about her weight is to focus on the angle of the photo and the editing around the cheeks and neck. A bird’s eye view in photos shows off a girl’s natural beauty, but it also conveniently hides her chubbier parts. Be especially cautious if the photo is cropped at the neck or doesn’t show her shoulders. If she’s trying to…


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