Three Signs Your Affair Is Becoming Too Serious

Sometimes marriages or LTRs get mad boring, and you have to go get some action on the side. Mostly, we don’t want to hurt the feelings of the girl we’re with, and if you’re sneaking around, you probably don’t want to lose her. We can talk about this openly since dudes are different than chicks, but there is a deadly pitfall that you can end up in, and that is getting in too deep with a girl you’re banging on the side. Your Wife is Number One Your wife isn’t satisfying you for whatever reason. We’ve all been there, especially if you’ve been dating or married for a long time. One thing you can be sure about, though, if is you start to take bigger risks of being found out to please your fling at your wife’s expense. If your main girl is having a big event, like a birthday or job promotion, and you blow it off with a lame excuse to spend time with your other woman, that’s danger territory. It’s one thing to beg off dinner on a week night to go bang your extra lady at a motel, but it’s totally different to take a legitimate risk of being found out by blowing off something important.…

Tactics For Dealing with a Confrontation if Your Wife Finds Out

Your wife finds out that you’ve been banging some dime piece on the side. You can’t deny it – she legit knows. She’s got the evidence: text messages, e-mails, naughty photos, maybe even a private detective. She’s pissed as hell as probably hurt – although that depends on your situation – and is about to wail on your ass. She can sue you, divorce you, and ruin your life in a variety of other ways. The point here is that honesty is the golden rule, and even if that plisses you off and makes you feel frustrated, it’s worth it in the long run. However, what to do when your wife finds out? Don’t get us wrong! We don’t want to ruin your fun, but it can’t hurt to keep an eye out for further fans. Maintain Eye Contact and Sincerely Apologize Apologize to her and DO NOT look away. The minute you break eye contact once you’re looking at each other is the moment she eviscerates you, whether through screaming or tears. Just keep eye contact and say you’re sorry. Don’t open your mouth or argue, unless you’re not ACTUALLY cheating on her, but we assume you wouldn’t be reading this if you were actually innocent. Your girl is…

How to Know if Online Dating Is Right for You

It’s true that it isn’t for everybody. Looking for a partner online can be a difficult road to walk down and can sometimes take a little longer to find the sexy lady you’ve been looking for than say, meeting one at a bar or club. Especially if you’ve already got a wife or a long-term girlfriend, it can be hard at first to jump into such a wide world of women to pursue. In reality, online dating is the perfect way to fall back into the swing of the dating and hookup world. Instead of potentially awkward face-to-face meetings, you have chat rooms giving you time to think up a response and type it and is especially beneficial if you’re better with writing words than you are at speaking them. No stuttering and awkward sexual questions over the net! Everything just seems to happen a little easier, which is great for you if you need the convenience of an affair. Check Out Online Cheating Sites “This cheating website looks good” Online dating has grown to have such a bad reputation over the years. It seems that if you mention trying to hook up with anyone online, they either think you’re creepy or desperate. It doesn’t mean either of those things,…

Good Times of Year to Begin an Affair Online

Believe it or not, there are times of the year where it’s better to try and start up an affair. If you have the opportunity for great sex outside your committed relationship, though, don’t pass it up just because you’re waiting for the right time. Who does that? That will never get you anywhere, man. Whether you’re a veteran cheater or this is your first time getting back in the dating saddle since you married your wife, aiming for the spring or winter can get you everywhere. If you’re looking to dive into the world of having an affair, especially if you’re looking around on cheater websites to try and find your other woman, try and aim for the these times and you’ll be over the moon with how well it goes for you. Green Light During Spring “Spring is the best season to start an affair” Spring cleaning happens with relationships, not just houses! Many people who stayed in a sub-par relationship over the winter will rid themselves of it come spring, which is where your good luck comes in. It’s a sense of rebirth thing for a lot of women, and they’ll flood to online cheater sites seeking a committed guy who won’t want one hundred percent of…


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