ASL: Spotting a Liar in Chatrooms

You know the drill: what’s your age, sex, and location? If you’re just typing on a chat site, then it’s all too easy to tell a little white lie or a huge one. How do you know that the hot babe you’ve been chatting up isn’t a creepy old man who gets off on talking to young guys like you? It’s not always easy, but you can do it if you pay attention to a few crucial things. Keep your wits about you, and don’t let yourself get outsmarted by some old guy or, even worse, a group of underage girls looking to have some fun. Keep It Legal “Do not chat with a girl who is still under 18 years of age” First of all, keep this in mind: if you ask them for their ASL and they respond with anything under 18, back right the heck on out of that conversation. Even if they are lying, you don’t want ANY part of that. The last thing you need is to get picked up by the police when you’re just trying to get off. Most sites will allow you to simply leave a conversation whenever you want, so just do that and don’t even respond to them. Beware of…

Sound Sincere Even if you Aren’t Always

“Women love sincere men” Have you ever heard one of your friends joke about how women seem to be able to smell insincerity like fear? Well, it’s true. If you give a woman a compliment that you don’t mean, she’s bound to see through it. The same goes for if you lie. If you let yourself tell a girl you’re oh, say, five years younger than you are (even if you look it) you will be found out. If the extent of your flirting with a woman that you’re trying to pick up to have an affair with consists of a series of lies, you’re probably not going to go very far. Your goal should be sincerity when she asks you a question; even if it isn’t something you particularly care about, you need to sound like you do. Yes, unfortunately that does mean you might have to answer a few of those dreaded “does this make my butt look big” or “how good do my boobs look in this dress” questions. If you act like you don’t care and she can tell, though, you’ll lose any chance you might have had at getting a better look under those clothes she’s wearing. Don’t ruin it for yourself! Offer the Occasional…

Gifts you Give Your Fling and Gifts You Give Your Wife

Let’s be honest: trying to find gifts for women SUCK. No matter what you do, it’s never going to be the right thing. They’re also totally impractical about it, and even if you get them what they say they want, they’ll still be disappointed. Regardless of the fundamental differences between men and women, though, is the fact that the gifts you DO give, and to whom, majorly impacts how chicks view you. Girls read way too much into things. If you get a chick chocolates on Valentine’s Day, she’s either going to hate you because it’s boring or love you because you remembered her favorite type of candy is fudge. It’s a total shit show, and unless you’re a genius, there’s no predicting what works. But you CAN avoid the pitfalls of giving the WRONG gift. Whatever the holiday – Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthdays – what you give your wife and what you give your fling say something, and you have to make sure you’re sending the right message. Birthdays This is when things get really personal. Your girlfriend or wife’s birthday is the most dangerous day of the year for you. You have to get her something unique, but also something she’ll actually use and like. Any serious partner…

Finding a Girlfriend Through an MMO

“Your video game can land you a girlfriend” If you’re new to this sort of thing, an MMO is a massively multiplayer online game. Ridiculous amounts of people play these sorts of things, literally millions sometimes. They can be addicting and don’t leave time for other things like going outside or having a girlfriend. While MMOs can’t fix that going outside thing, they can still help with the second. With so many nerdy babes on your server, why leave to try to find a chick? Follow these helpful hints to score yourself a nerd fox. Impress Her or Go On a Journey With Her There are two ways to score yourself a foxy rogue/mage/warrior/whatever: you can start out as being really impressive or you can go along the journey to get that way with her. When you start interacting with her, she’s probably going to notice some of your gear and stats. If you’re a high level and have rare gear, weaponry, or mounts this might be enough to make her swoon. If you don’t have all of that, but really dig her character then you can propose being adventuring partners. This route might actually build a more intimate relationship since the two of you will have to work closely…


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