Three Types of Sites That (Surprisingly) Have Chatrooms

Okay, you’re not the kind of dude who goes into those sexy chatrooms in his free time, but you want to hook up anyway. Totally understandable, but for the guy who wants to meet his honey online it’s tough to get a girl, right? My friend, you are completely wrong there! Almost every popular site these days has some sort of chat function, so you can find a chick you can relate to without going through those awkward mainstream chatrooms. These three types of sites are some of the oddest places to have a chat area, but can be a huge asset to you. Fitness Sites “You can easily find women in the chat room of a fitness website” Yeah, you read that right. If you’re a total fitness nut and expect the same from your girl, you can meet a sweet honey right on the sites you frequent. Learn about the latest diets, exercises, and equipment while chatting up babes by registering to the site. Make sure to choose a macho username so the ladies know you’re too hot to handle. If you’re not a total beefcake, that’s fine too! Ladies are more than willing to help you out deciding on a workout routine – a girl loves a…

How Young Is Too Young? College versus Career Ladies

We love some fine ladies, but you really have your pick if you’re just having a fling, and you’ve got nothing to lose. You’re out to find a girl to have some fun, and you’re not looking for perfection. Sure, we get it. That’s all well and good, but bear in mind that there are pros and cons to certain types of women, the obvious attributes and drawbacks aside. One of the MAJOR ones that always seem to crop up, though, is the “young versus mature” debate. Younger chicks have the reputation of being hot and eager, whereas older babes know what they want and aren’t dramatic. Obviously we’re talking college versus hard ass career woman. Who’s really better in the sack, though? We asked some of our friends, and based on those stories and our own experiences, here’s what you can expect. Older Chicks Know What They Dig Older babes have been around the block and seen the sites. They’re not going to settle for bullshit, but they also know how to have the most fun. If they’re working professionals, they’re also independent and down for honesty. You can be rest assured that if some hard ass hottie says she wants an NSA night, she actually does. That’s the…

Cheat Without “Cheating:” The Art of Text, Phone and Cam Sex

“Avoid such a situation – Watch cam sites only when your wife is not at home” “But how could you bring yourself to touch another woman?” If this isn’t your first rodeo and you’ve been a cheater before, maybe you heard it if you got caught the last time. If you’re lucky and haven’t had to hear a wife or long-term girlfriend throw this attempt at a guilt trip at you, you’re doing something right. It’s taking it a bit literally, but if you didn’t actually TOUCH another woman, then you didn’t do anything, right? Hey, if it gets you off and leaves virtually no trace, you didn’t really do anything. If you find that your relationship is lacking a little something in the sex department and you find yourself wanting to cheat, these hands-off ways of sexual release may be just what the doctor ordered for you. Phone Sex Don’t be afraid of a little phone sex! This is a great option for you if you’re not comfortable with your appearance for any reason. You’re familiar with this; just call up your other woman and talk each other through your orgasms. It’s a great way to test your descriptive abilities, too, so that’s fun. If you can find a…

Cam Girl Etiquette

“Make sure you know the basic cam girl rules before you start your chat” So you want a little digital love, but you want to have a real babe on the other end of the line. We get it. The best way to have that is to log into a cam girl website. Cam girls are those live models that will chat with you through a screen and take their clothes off. They usually won’t talk to you verbally, but they’ll usually read your texts and respond. It’s easy to forget that these ladies are real on the other end of the line – and that can cause problems. New dudes to the experience make rookie mistakes that can get them black-listed and end up wasting their money. Here’s a primer for the right way to treat your cam girl so you can keep coming back. Before the Chat Read the rules. Most cam chats have rules that you have to follow or you get booted with no refund. Each girl may have clauses of her own as well, depending on what kind of site she works for. The chicks that do more kinky shit are going to be pricier, but you can?t ask vanilla babes to do the same…


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